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I have been dancing for 21 years. I have been trained in, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Broadway. Dancing was one of those things that gave me purpose while growing up. No matter what style or what music, dancing has empowered me from day one! 




I started choreographing at the age of 14. My body was never as flexible as all the other dancers so I started creating my own movements and concepts around what felt good for my body! As I developed more skills and studied more I realized choreographing was something I was passionate about. I now teach 6 different routines a week for my classes as well as choreograph for private events, artists and theatre. 


More About Me

I was raised by the most supportive parents in the healthiest atmosphere and that is why when you walk in to class it is a "Judgment Free" zone. We laugh, we have fun, we shake whatever is willing to shake and we LET GO! 

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